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5 Reasons to Download the Dance Vision App

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Did you know that everything you love about your Dance Vision membership is available to you, for free, in the palm of your hand? The DV app is exactly what your phone has been missing. One of our Dance Vision members, Barbara Wirtz, shares what she loves about the app - "Dance Vision and its app have it all: quality resources and great service—all backed by easy-to-reach, attentive people. Their app has something for every dancer whether new, accomplished, or somewhere in-between. It allows dancers to learn from top instructors in all styles of dance." Read on to learn what Barbara and our other Dance Vision members love about our DV App!


1. Download Your Favorites to Take on the Road

All videos - syllabus, technique, choreography, and workouts - are available to download to your phone via the Dance Vision App! If you’re somewhere with spotty service or do not want to use your data, you can still watch and practice with your favorite Dance Vision videos and instructors. Many students like to download videos to watch on a plane, on a road trip, or from a hotel ballroom where service isn’t always available.


2. Charts, Videos, and Syllabus - All in One Place!

Whether you prefer to learn with Dance Vision Charts, instructional videos, or written syllabus, all educational outlets are available from the Dance Visio App, prepared in an interface that is more suited for mobile usage, meaning it is slightly easier to navigate than from a web browser on your phone!


3. Become A Planner

The DV App makes it easy to add classes to “My List,” available upon login at the top of the app interface. Creating a list of classes you want to take is a great way to plan your practice, work towards your dance goals, and get on the same page with your instructor about what you can work on when you’re not in lessons.


4. Search for Whatever Your Heart Desires

The search bar within the Dance Vision App allows you to browse for any keyword, instructor name, class title, or dance style. If you have a particular class, dance, or activity in mind for practice, this is a great place to see your class options!


5. It’s FREE!

Everyone’s favorite price! Included within your Dance Vision membership is unlimited access to the App. The app is free to download, and the login information is the same as you use for your Dance Vision account online. So whether you are on the go with your phone, propping up your iPad in the dance studio, or sharing a video with a friend after class, the Dance Vision App is an excellent supplement to your learning experience.


Our commitment to bridging technology and dance to provide you with the optimal dance education is stronger than ever. How will the Dance Vision App allow YOU to be limitless in your dance education?

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