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Dance Vision 2021 Year-End Roundup!

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In honor of a year full of dancing, we're rounding up your most liked, most viewed, and most "favorited" across our website and social platforms. Ring in the New Year by reminiscing with some past favorites and maybe discovering a new blog or video to inspire you in the months to come. Happy 2022!

1. Most Viewed YouTube Video

While 2020 introduced us to learning how to dance from our homes, 2021 certainly continued that trend and we've got proof! The "Learn this Rumba Routine with Kateryna Kyrylenko" was our most viewed class on YouTube this year. We love that so many individuals want to learn solo choreography to build confidence, technique and balance. Check out more classes on our YouTube channel. 

2. Most Popular Facebook Post

When we asked how Ballroom Dance had benefitted your life, over 100 of you shared our post. The benefits of ballroom span physical, mental, and emotional health - and by the look of our comments section, our members experience all of these benefits daily. 

Check us out on Facebook to join in on the fun. 

3. Most Popular Instagram Post

Our followers are BIG ballroom movie buffs. How do we know? When we asked you about your favorite ballroom movies on social media, we got responses about movies we hadn't even heard of! Talk about sharing the wealth 💗🎥! Our most popular Instagram post of the year shared one of our blogs recapping DV's favorite ballroom movies. Haven't checked it out yet? The holiday season is the perfect time to curl up with a blanket, a cozy drink, and your favorite people to enjoy a festive dance movie. 

Want to join the party? Videos, giveaways, dance tips, you name it - all on our Instagram: @dancevisionofficial

4. Most Popular Video Streamed on Dance Vision

The simple yet elegant Two Way Underarm Turn within the Bronze Waltz syllabus was the most streamed video this year! United States Ballroom Champions Michael Mead and Toni Redpath teach the Bronze Waltz syllabus - check out the Two Way Underarm Turn, along with techniques, amalgamations, and theory taught by Michael and Toni on the Dance Vision app or website!

5. Most Popular Blog

Education, inspiration, tips, and tricks - all with the click of a button - that's the Dance Vision blog. This year, your favorite read was about the History of Ballroom Dance (hey, we think you made a pretty good choice!). This blog explore how Ballroom began in Europe and South America before it migrated to the United States. Read through this blog and you'll be mesmerizing dance friends in no time - who said History class had to be boring?

That's a wrap from us at Dance Vision for 2021! We look forward to the New Year where we'll continue to provide innovative content to support your journey of becoming limitless as a dancer and a person. Happiest Holidays!

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