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Improve Your Teaching with Dance Vision Videos

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Did you know that you can access videos that can help your teaching with your Dance Vision Teacher Membership?

Dance Vision videos showcase top professionals within their field, and allow both teachers and students access to figure breakdowns, technique, choreography, and more.  

See One, Do One

Steve Brockman, a Dance Vision Certified Teacher based in St. Louis, Missouri, enjoys using videos to supplement his teaching, “the value of using the Syllabus videos in classes and private lessons lies in being able to show the student(s) what the figure looks like as demonstrated by top professionals,” he explains.  Especially for dancers who are visual learners, watching videos promotes student engagement and variety in the type of instruction given. They can be used as pre-work before lessons, as a reference point during lesson time, or as homework after dance lessons. Commonly, students use videos to review figures learned in the last lesson and preview figures to come.

Videos + Manuals = Best Friends

Dance Vision Syllabus videos are the figures and techniques represented in the written Dance Vision Syllabus. "The videos are a great partner to manuals, as they are a nice shortcut to understanding them, and save time for teachers and students while learning,” emphasizes Steve. Within the videos, professionals break down critical elements of figures and assist students and teachers in refining the step using their expertise.

But Wait…There’s More!

Many teachers don’t know that the Dance Vision Video Library also includes access to hundreds of educational videos outside of the Syllabus videos. Dive deep into the nitty-gritty technical details in your favorite dance style, learn a piece of solo choreography, participate in a dance-style workout, or work on general dance techniques, that will serve you across many dances. Steve enjoys using the Dance Vision Library in this way, “I especially like the access to the technique videos by top professionals, including the United States and World Champions!”   Most videos are adaptable to the level of any student, but serve as outstanding supplementary education for teachers as well.

Continuing education is an essential component of many professional fields, and we seek to promote the same educational journey at Dance Vision.

Some of our favorite instructional videos lately include:

Exploring Posture in Jive with Nadia Eftedal

Impressing the Judges with Nazar and Irina

Turn Variations in American Smooth with Tatiana Seliverstova  

So pull out your tablet or phone at the dance studio and dive into the world of Dance Vision. We can’t wait to hear what you and your students love most!

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