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In-Person vs. Online Dance Classes: Which Way is Right for Me?

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Ballroom dance is a welcoming art form that is open to you at any age, level, and with or without a partner. We’ve chatted about social and competitive ballroom dance, but did you know that your options for learning ballroom are just as vast? In this post, we’ll break down the differences between group classes, private lessons, and online learning.

Group Classes ($10-$30 per class)

Group classes can be offered across many levels and styles. When taught by level—for example, Bronze, Silver, or Gold—they are based on learning figures (steps) and technique from a syllabus. They can last around an hour and will likely progress each week, either by focusing on a different dance of a particular style, or, by adding on steps to a variation in the same dance.  For example, a class may focus on Cha Cha one week, and Samba the next, allowing dancers to understand the variety in dance styles. Or, a class can focus on a specific dance, such as a monthly series on Waltz, which builds by adding new figures and techniques each week.

Masterclasses are common events at dance studios and are held in a group class setting. For a masterclass, an instructor will be brought in from outside the studio—often it will be a national or world-recognized dancer, adjudicator (someone who judges professional events), or other professional in the industry, eager to share their expertise. The masterclasses can be given with a focus on any dance or style. These can be a great opportunity to challenge yourself and learn from someone new.

Group classes allow you to meet others, learn in a group setting (this can be less nerve-wracking for some), and dance in a more cost-effective manner. You can often pay per class, and some studios even allow the option to pay for unlimited classes or class packages at a discounted rate. We recommend calling your local ballroom dance studio to see what group classes they are offering this month.

Private Lessons ($70-$250 per lesson)

Interested in taking your learning one step further? Private lessons are a one-on-one form of instruction. They can be taught to a couple or a single person by an Instructor and cater to the goals and learning styles of the individual students...often allowing dancers to improve more quickly and confidently! Students can take private lessons with various teachers in order to find a good fit for them (it can take time to find the right match) and they typically last between 45 minutes and an hour. 

The value of private lessons is immeasurable, as there is an instructor dedicated solely to you and your dancing. Due to this individualized experience, they can be more costly, and dancers can expect to spend upwards of $70 or higher per lesson (this price can vary greatly across studios depending on cost of living, accolades of the studio and instructor, and more!) Like we mentioned earlier, some studios or instructors may offer packages of lessons at discounted rates as well. If you are interested in private lesson, check out our list of Dance Vision Certified Instructors.

Online Learning with Dance Vision ($199/year)

We believe online learning can be as fundamental to your growth as a dancer as in-person learning. Not to mention, they work wonderfully side-by-side! 

Dance Vision supplements learning in-between studio time, helps you gain a deeper understanding before or after your lessons, and allows you the opportunity to practice with experts that normally you could only get at the studio.

Need to spend a little more time drilling technique? What about wanting to check out the next Silver Samba figures before a group class? Maybe you just want a feeling of preparation before a lesson? No matter your goal, we help you feel both confident and limitless in your dance abilities.

Let's Get To It!

There is no right or wrong method of learning. Regardless of your experience, budget, and schedule, you can customize your dance journey with a diverse set of educational experiences that suits you best. With a little determination, you’ll be a fabulous dancer in no time.

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