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The Best 15 Flash Mobs Ever

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A flash mob is a spontaneous and usually short-lived assembly of a substantial number of individuals in a public area, coordinated through communication channels such as social media. Participants typically engage in synchronized activities, like dancing and singing, before swiftly returning to their normal routines. Flash mobs are celebrated for their element of surprise and are frequently arranged for the purposes of entertainment, social engagement, or artistic expression.

Take an exciting trip through the best flash mobs, discovering some of the most exceptional and unforgettable performances in streets, squares, and public spaces worldwide. From heartwarming proposals to impromptu dance parties, these flash mobs embody surprise and joy, creating lasting memories for those lucky enough to witness them.

1. Grease - Central Station Antwerp

With a staggering 71.6M views, this video, posted on March 1, 2016, captures the magic of over 250 participants engaging in a heartwarming 'feelgood' stunt during the morning rush hour at Antwerp's Central Station.

2. Christmas Food Court Flash Mob, Hallelujah Chorus

This uplifting surprise, posted on November 18, 2010, has attracted 56.3 million views. It features over 100 participants creating a spectacular Christmas Flash Mob on November 13, 2010, delighting unsuspecting lunchtime shoppers with a magical experience. Organized by Alphabet Photography Inc., this joyful spectacle is a festive celebration that you won't want to miss!

3. Flashmob Surprise Proposal Charice 「Louder」 JR大阪駅 カリヨン広場 フラッシュモブ サプライズ プロポーズ [Emotion Rise]

With an incredible 42.9M views since its posting on June 25, 2014, this video unveils another astonishing surprise proposal flash mob at JR Osaka Station Carillon Square. Witness an enhanced performance that leaves spectators in awe, capturing the genuine excitement and surprise on the faces of the audience. As the clock seemingly stops, the cast begins a captivating dance one by one to the melodious tune of "Louder" performed by Charice. 

4. Sound of Music | Central Station Antwerp (Belgium)

This video, with an incredible 41.4 million views, captures the moment when over 200 dancers bring the Central Station of Antwerp to life with a dynamic interpretation of "Do Re Mi." Commencing on March 23, 2009, these four minutes were a promotional event for a Belgian TV show seeking the lead for "The Sound of Music" musical. 

5. Flashmob Flash Mob - Ode an die Freude (Ode to Joy) Beethoven Symphony No.9 classical music

Since its upload on July 6, 2012, this video has amassed an impressive 20.8 million views, featuring a spellbinding flash mob performance set to Beethoven's iconic masterpiece. Experience the magic as a talented ensemble fills the air with the soul-stirring notes of "Ode an die Freude (Ode to Joy)."

6. Flash Mob Marriage Proposal (Surprise Ending)

This video, posted on June 15, 2012, and attracting 19.3 million views, highlights the memorable event of June 9, 2012, where a loving boyfriend planned an extraordinary marriage proposal for his girlfriend, Allison. 

7. Flashmob: Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen

With an impressive 15.9M views since its posting on Feb 10, 2015, this video unveils a spectacular flash mob that took place at Seedamm Center Pfäffikon (SZ) on February 7, 2015. Led by the Siebnen wind orchestra, this energetic event serves as a captivating promotion for the project "The Queen Symphony."

8. Three Incredible 80s Flash Mobs in Sleepy Seaside Town!

With an impressive 14.4M views since its posting on Sep 11, 2018, this video captures the dynamic spirit of a small but enthusiastic group. On September 1st, they delighted Worthing with not one, but three surprise dance performances across the town! The video, featuring scenic changes, showcases their lively moves while donning Pep & Co's new range, transporting Saturday shoppers back to the 80s for a day of absolute fun and nostalgia. 

9. Denver Airport Holiday Flash Mob

This video, with 11.8M views since its posting on Nov 23, 2011, captures the surprise that unfolded on November 22nd, 2011, when approximately 100 dancers from Community-Minded Dance treated holiday travelers to a Lindy Hop performance. Set against the backdrop of DIA's Great Hall in Denver, Colorado, the flash mob grooved to a medley of Swing classics, spreading joy and smiles during the holiday season


10. Sing Somebody to Love at University Cafeteria

Since being uploaded on May 22, 2019, this video has garnered 11.9 million views, showcasing the captivating act of the Belmont Flashmobbers. Comprising students from various majors at Belmont University, they mesmerized the audience with a delightful Disney medley at the annual Spring Pancake Night in the cafeteria.

11. Mamma mia! Here we go again!

With 8.9M views since its posting on Jul 20, 2018, this video showcases a spirited flash mob promotion for the movie "Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again!" Featuring the talented Beatrix crew from Skopje, Macedonia, the lively performance adds an extra dose of excitement to the anticipation of the film. 

12. Guy Joins In With Own Proposal Flash Mob - His Freestyle is INCREDIBLE!

Premiered on Jan 27, 2020, with 7.5M views, this video captures a magical moment. Jonathan, who first met Ellen while breakdancing in high school, decided to revisit their origins. With the help of a flash mob, he orchestrated a heartfelt proposal that beautifully weaved the thread of their shared love for dance.  

13. The Greatest Showman Proposal Flash Mob Dance UK

Posted on Apr 28, 2018, and boasting 7.4M views, this video captures the enchanting moment orchestrated by the Brighton Dance Flash Mob. The exciting energy of "The Greatest Showman" comes alive in a spectacular proposal that adds a touch of magic to Brighton, UK. 

14. Цекало и Puttin` отожгли на Воробьевых горах

With a mesmerizing 21.2M views since its posting on Feb 29, 2012, this video captures the surprise and delight of local commuters as a group of dancers takes to the snowy streets, performing to the timeless tune of "Putting on the Ritz."

15. Unexpected Flash Mob Audition Shocks Simon Cowell!

Posted on Feb 23, 2022, and boasting 3.7M views, this video reveals the astonishing moment when the judges, expecting a solo piano performance from Nick, are pleasantly shocked by an unexpected orchestra taking the stage.


A flash mob is more than an impromptu assembly; it's an explosion of shared creativity and surprise, turning everyday instances into unforgettable experiences. These events, be they lively dances, moving musical acts, or touching proposals, epitomize spontaneity, unity, and the magical results of collaborative creativity.

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