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A Group Class Outline using the Dance Vision Syllabus

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The Dance Vision Syllabus is a universal, shared language of figures, footwork, and technique, that provide endless options for group class topics. Keep reading to find out how the Dance Vision Syllabus can serve you as a Studio Owner, Manager, or Teacher!

A Blueprint for Class Schedules

Dance Vision Certified Teacher, Esther Frances, has been teaching with the Dance Vision Syllabus for years. Now, she works in a consulting role, supporting other dance studios and teachers across the country as they integrate the Syllabus into their teaching curriculum.

With the Dance Vision Syllabus, each teacher has a blueprint for the format and flow of their course. A Bronze Tango class, for example, can progress weekly based on the chronology of the Bronze Tango Syllabus. Not only do steps become more complex and intricate as the figures continue, they are ordered in a way that allows teachers to provide solid technical instruction from a basic level through open level movement.

"I believe strongly in the value of using the Dance Vision Syllabus in all of my group classes. It supports both the student and teacher by solidifying a system that uses the same teaching methods in private sessions & group sessions, thus making it easier for the student to understand, as there is an underlying consistency to all of their dancing in a studio," explains Esther.

Screen Shot 2022-01-11 at 11.52.21 AMChances for Students to Set Goals

With a clear outline of what is to come, students and teachers share a common ground. They can set quantifiable goals when there is a mutual understanding of each dance style's technical and figure-based progression of the Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels. 

What are some goals that students and teachers could achieve within the Syllabus?

  • Learn one new figure per week within the current level of Bronze, Silver or Gold.
  • Challenge your students to dig deeper into their favorite figures by learning about direction, timing, or amount of turn.
  • Work together to identify combinations of figures that fit together like puzzle pieces to create a routine.

Screen Shot 2022-01-11 at 1.35.25 PMStudent Retention

"Using the Syllabus increases the value of group classes, as the student will retain the information easier from the consistency of using the figures, therefore obtaining quicker progression in their dancing, ultimately creating a much happier student," Esther explains.

The universality of the syllabus has allowed teachers to succeed independently and within a studio setting. With the Dance Vision Syllabus, teachers are set up for success: the system is built to include video demonstrations, charts, and goal-oriented medals tests. Students will gain confidence in their teachers and themselves when they know what to expect and are provided with the resources to succeed in their dance journey.

"As a teacher, the Dance Vision syllabus includes charts & medal system that have helped me build a brand new student base from the ground up after unexpectedly relocating during the pandemic," urged Esther.

Together, at Dance Vision, we are all one team. With the Dance Vision Syllabus in hand, let us support you as a Studio Owner or Teacher.

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