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American Star Ball Championships

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The American Star Ball Championships, held from May 16th to 19th, 2024, in Atlantic City, New Jersey, showcased diverse dance styles and levels in a beautifully organized event.
Discover the details of one of the top ballroom dance competitions in the United States.

2024 Recap

From May 16th to 19th, 2024, the American Star Ball Championships took place in Atlantic City, New Jersey, under the meticulous organization of Amanda Reyzin. The event was held in a stunningly beautiful ballroom, providing an elegant backdrop for the competitions. Attendees were treated to thrilling music that perfectly complemented the dance performances, creating an electrifying atmosphere. The exceptional service and personalized attention to detail ensured that every participant and guest felt valued and well-cared for, making the American Star Ball Championships a standout event in the ballroom dance community. 

organizer-2The organizer, Amanda Reyzin

The American Star Ball Championships, held from May 16th to 19th, 2024, in Atlantic City, NJ, showcased an array of spectacular dance sessions. On May 16th, SESSION 1 kicked off with a vibrant NIGHTCLUB theme, featuring all levels of American Samba, American Paso, West Coast Swing, Merengue, Hustle, Salsa, Night Club Two-Step, Country Two-Step, Polka, Argentine Tango, and Bachata. May 17th's SESSION 2 highlighted INTERNATIONAL BALLROOM and AMERICAN RHYTHM. SESSION 3 focused on the Professional Rising Star categories, including American Smooth, American Rhythm, International Ballroom, and International Latin. On May 18th, SESSION 4 continued with impressive performances in INTERNATIONAL LATIN and AMERICAN SMOOTH. The grand finale on May 19th, SESSION 5, celebrated Pre-Teen, Junior, and Youth competitors in American Smooth and Rhythm, as well as International Ballroom and Latin. This session also included various championships and scholarships for youth and adult amateurs, making the event a comprehensive and thrilling showcase of ballroom dance talent.

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These photos capture some of the event's best moments, showcasing an abundance of talent.

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If you couldn't make it to this year's American Star Ball Championships, make sure to mark your calendars for next year's thrilling event. Stay in the loop with all the latest updates and announcements by following them on Facebook and regularly visiting their official website. Get ready to experience the excitement firsthand!

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