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The Top 55 Ballroom Dance Competitions in the World

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Their unwavering dedication to precision, passion for the art, and innovative spirit have propelled them to the pinnacle of the dance world. Their remarkable contributions have solidified their status as an essential part of the Dance Vision Circuit, elevating its prestige and overall quality, providing a platform for the finest dancers and enthusiasts to shine and experience dance at its best. 

Table of Contents

  1. Constitution-State-Dancesport-Championships
  2. Nashville Ballroom Bash
  3. Elite Dancesport
  4. Autumn Dance Classic
  5. Charleston Dance Classic
  6. Grand National Championships
  7. Azerbaijan Dance Festival
  8. Houston Dancesport Classic
  9. North American Imperial Star Ball
  10. California Star Ball Dancesport Championships
  11. Toronto Winter Ball
  12. Palm Beach Classic Ballroom Competition
  13. Nashville Starz Dance Spectacular
  14. California Chic Classic
  15. City Lights Open
  16. The Snow Ball
  17. Maryland Dancesport
  18. Eastern United States Dancesport Championships
  19. California Open DanceSport Championships
  20. La Classique du Quebec
  21. Florida Star Ball
  22. Heritage Classic Ballroom Championships
  23. Vegas Open Dance Challenge
  24. First Coast Classic Dancesport Championships
  25. Gateway DanceSport Championships
  26. Michigan Dance Challenge
  27. Pearl Ball Dance Tournament
  28. The Ball at the San Francisco Open Dancesport Championships
  29. Diva Dancesport Challenge
  30. San Diego Ballroom Beach Bash
  31. Philadelphia Dancesport Championships
  32. Indianapolis Open Dancesport Competition
  33. Wisconsin State Dance Championships
  34. Dance Stars Festival
  35. Florida Spring Classic
  36. Emerald Ball Dancesport Championships
  37. Texas Challenge
  38. Portland Open Dancesport Competition
  39. Panama Open Dance Fest
  40. American Star Ball Championships
  41. Go Wild Minneapolis Dancesport
  42. The Big Easy Dance Gala
  43. Sapphire Dancesport
  44. Ft Lauderdale Classic
  45. Colorado Star Ball Championships
  46. Virginia State Dancesport Championships
  47. International Grand Ball Dancesport Championships
  48. Volunteer State Dance Challenge
  49. Empire Dance Championship
  50. Heart of America DanceSport Championships
  51. Galaxy Dance Festival
  52. The Poseidon Ball Competition Dance Cruise
  53. Hawaii Star Ball
  54. Southwestern Invitational
  55. Tampa Bay Classic



constitution state dancesport logo


1. Constitution State Dancesport Championships

For seven years, the Constitution State Dancesport Championships in Stamford, Connecticut, has showcased elegance and skill. Organized by Evgeny Dyachenko and Inna Ivanenko, this annual event reflects their unwavering commitment to the artistry of dance. The competition tells a captivating story of passion, precision, and the enduring allure of ballroom dance in the vibrant city of Stamford.


Nashville Ballroom logo


2. Nashville Ballroom Bash

In the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, the Nashville Ballroom Bash has been a rhythmic celebration for four vibrant years. Under the meticulous coordination of organizers Brooke and Devan McClish, this annual event has become a testament to their dedication and love for the art of ballroom dance. As the Bash enters its fifth year, it continues to be a testament to the dynamic spirit and enduring appeal of ballroom dancing in the lively city of Nashville.


elite dancesport logo


3. Elite Dancesport

For over two decades, the stage has come alive with the rhythm and grace of ballroom dance at the Elite Dancesport competition in Irvine, California. Under the adept organization of Andre and Natalie Paramonov, this event has stood as a beacon of elegance, marking 23 years of seamless coordination and artistic expression.


autumn dance classic logo


4. Autumn Dance Classic

For an impressive 71 years, the Autumn Dance Classic has brought its enchanting dance showcase to California. Organized with skill by Olga Foraponova, this long-standing event is synonymous with elegance and artistic expression. Now entering its 72nd year, the Autumn Dance Classic remains a testament to the enduring legacy and steadfast passion for dance 


charleston dance classic


5. Charleston Dance Classic

In the charming backdrop of South Carolina, the Charleston Dance Classic has marked three years of rhythmic celebration. Guided by the expertise of organizer James McCaskill, this relatively new event has quickly become a noteworthy fixture in the dance scene. As it approaches its fourth year, the Charleston Dance Classic stands as a testament to the growing vibrancy of dance culture in South Carolina under McCaskill's skillful curation.


grand national logo


6. Grand National Championships

In Florida's lively dance community, the Grand National Championships has stood as a symbol of grace and proficiency for an admirable 53 years. Meticulously coordinated by Peter and Cassandra Schneider, this event has evolved into a timeless tribute to the artistry of dance. As it nears its 54th year, the Grand National Championships serves as proof of a enduring heritage and an unwavering commitment to excellence in the heart of Florida.


azerbaijan dance festival logo


7. Azerbaijan Dance Festival

The Grand Azerbaijan Dance Festival warmly welcomed guests in the hospitable and sunny city of Baku. The event hosted a historic moment for Azerbaijan—the successful staging of the WDC World Championship featuring professional couples in the European program, along with the exclusive Gala Night of the Dancing Diamonds. This unforgettable experience featured world-class dance stars, renowned hosts, and was accompanied by a mesmerizing musical orchestra.


houston dance logo


8. Houston Dancesport Classic

For five years, the Houston Dancesport Classic has held a special place in the vibrant city of Houston. Crafted with passion and precision by organizers John & Olga Elsbury and Judi Hatton, this competition reflects their unwavering commitment to the art of dance. Entering its sixth year, the Houston Dancesport Classic persists in narrating a tale of rhythm, grace, and a flourishing dance community in the heart of Texas.


North American


9. North American Imperial Star Ball

For the past six years under the meticulous management of Katusha Demidova, the North American Imperial Star Ball has graced the lively city of Chicago, Illinois. Organized with precision and flair, this competition has become a cornerstone in the world of dance, attracting participants and enthusiasts alike. Katusha Demidova's dedicated leadership has not only sustained but elevated the event, making it a celebrated and anticipated fixture in the vibrant dance community.

California Star Ball logo


10. California Star Ball Dancesport Championships

For an impressive 62 years, the California Star Ball Dancesport Championships has been an annual event in California. Guided by David Alvarez for the past two years, this enduring competition draws in dancers and enthusiasts alike, representing a tradition steeped in grace, skill, and the sheer joy of movement.




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