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Autumn Dance Classic

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The Autumn Dance Classic is hitting a milestone, celebrating its 35th anniversary! Dive into an immersive glimpse of this prestigious event, renowned as one of the premier ballroom dance competitions in the USA.


2023 Recap

As the leaves swirled in Burlingame, California from October 19-22, the Autumn Dance Classic 2023 twirled elegance, creating a dance of pure passion. Every performance, every movement, seemed to breathe life into the hall, making it a remarkable experience for all present. The genius behind this masterpiece event was the incredibly talented Olga Foraponova. Guided by  her expertise, the Autumn Dance Classic 2023 evolved into a magnificent showcase, raising the bar for elegance and vitality in the world of dance. It was, without a doubt, an unforgettable event that echoed the beauty of dance in its truest form.

Olga, a distinguished dancer and choreographer from Russia's Institute of Culture in Cheliabinsk, excelled in various dance forms. After college, she joined Moscow's Stanislav Popov’s dance club, later representing the USSR globally. In the US since 1992, she partnered with champion David Hamilton, significantly influencing American Smooth style. The duo represented the US in global competitions and were prominent on TV. Besides dance, Olga's known for instructional content and fashion design. She's received prestigious awards, including the Svetloe Prochloe Award, and recognition for aiding young and disabled dancers. Certified in Autism Movement Therapy, Olga continues her dance legacy as a coach and judge.

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On Thursday evening, the Pavilion Events start with a 6 pm "Glitter and Gold" themed Birthday Reception, featuring Pro/Am dances, Argentine Tango, Country Western, and The Louis Bar Peabody Challenge.

Friday's matinee showcases American Smooth and International Latin dances for various groups, leading to an evening of live music, dance competitions, a fashion presentation, and the Friday Night Showdown.

Saturday's matinee centers on youth dances in various genres. The evening combines amateur and professional events, highlighted by the Pre-teen/Junior Show Dance "Winner Takes ALL", and ends with the Autumn Dance Classic Awards and the Saturday Night Showdown.

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These selections represent some of the most remarkable and memorable moments from the Autumn Dance Classic competition. 

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This event would not have reached its full splendor without the presence of these exceptionally elegant and talented adjudicators. Their expertise and charm added an indispensable touch to the occasion.

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