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California Open Dancesport Championships

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Inside the California Open Dancesport Extravaganza! Discover the top-notch ballroom competitions throughout America.


2024 Recap

The California Open Dancesport competition, affectionately known as California Open, set hearts aflutter from February 14th to 18th, 2024, in the vibrant city of Costa Mesa, CA. Hosted with flair by the esteemed Debbie Kusumi, this event was not just a showcase of dance prowess but also a celebration of love for the art form. With its themed Nightclub Night encouraging dancers to dazzle in hues of red, white, and pink, participants and attendees alike were immersed in a world of passion, elegance, and boundless creativity.Debbie Kusumi

The California Open Dancesport unfolded in a flurry of excitement as dancers from far and wide converged to showcase their skills and passion for the art. The event kicked off with Session 1, featuring the enchanting "Love is in the Air" Valentine’s Day Celebrations and the introduction of the exhilarating Nightclub Championships. As the competition progressed through sessions dedicated to American Rhythm, International Ballroom, and American Smooth, dancers of all levels displayed their talent with grace and flair. From prestigious scholarships to thrilling dance-offs, each session offered a unique glimpse into the world of competitive dance, culminating in a celebration of dedication, creativity, and sheer talent.

"Love is in the Air"
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This depicts a dancefloor teeming with youthful dancers, followed by the awarding ceremony in their honor. 5-4

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The dance figures, impeccably documented during the event, truly take one's breath away.

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