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California Star Ball Dancesport Championships

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62 Years of Dazzling Elegance: The California Star Ball Dancesport Championships Lights Up This Year's 3-Day Event in November.  Delve into an exclusive preview of one of America's top-tier ballroom dance competitions.


2023 Recap

The California Star Ball Dancesport Championships, held from November 24 to 26, 2023, in Santa Barbara, California, marked its 62nd year of celebration. This longest-running competition in North America, skillfully organized and hosted by David Alvarez, unfolded over the Thanksgiving weekend, providing participants and spectators alike with a memorable experience. Those who were able to attend witnessed the culmination of tradition and excellence in the art of dance at this significant and esteemed competition, proudly sharing their moments with the hashtag #struttingInSantaBarbara.

organizer David Alvarez
The organizer—David Alvarez
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The November 24th to 26th, 2023, extravaganza was an extraordinary five-session showcase featuring a breathtaking variety of events. From lively All Night Club and Country Western showdowns to elegant Adult Amateur Ballroom, Latin, Rhythm, and Smooth competitions, the event left no dance style unexplored. Notable highlights included the intense Professional Rising Star Championship and the enchanting Open Professional Cabaret on November 24th. Session 2 on November 25th added another layer of excitement with Pro/Am divisions, mesmerizing Exhibition Solo Divisions, and heated Rhythm WDSS and Rhythm Scholarship Events, culminating in spirited competitions across various youth categories. The momentum carried into Session 3 with a dazzling array of Pro/Am, Student/Student, and Mixed Am Ballroom Style events, featuring show-stopping performances in Pro/Am Ballroom, Masters Amateur in American Rhythm and International Ballroom, and Open Amateur in American Smooth and International Latin. The grand finale on November 26th (Session 4 and 5) unfolded with Pro/Am Exhibition Solo Divisions, captivating Smooth and Latin competitions, and climaxed with intense battles in Masters Amateur and Open Amateur categories. Top Solo Grand Prize and Top Awards were given to the best of the best. The entire spectacle reached its joyful conclusion at the fabulous after-party, cementing this California Star Ball Dancesport Championships as a truly unforgettable and thrilling event.

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After laying eyes on these elegant trophies, who wouldn't be inspired to give their utmost effort?

CSB award
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These images showcase the exceptional talent of the competitors, captured through screenshots from video coverages of the dances at the California Star Ball Dancesport Championships.

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