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Eastern U.S. Championships

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Once more, the captivating beat of the Eastern U.S. Championships enthralled us during their extraordinary event held in February. Explore the intricacies of one of the leading ballroom dance competitions in the United States.


2024 Recap

The Eastern United States Dancesport Championships, organized by Mark Nocera, stood as a cornerstone event in the ballroom dance community. Held in Boston, MA, this prestigious competition boasted a rich history, dating back to its inception in 1968. As one of the original Championship events sanctioned by the United States Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance (USISTD), the EUSDC held a special place in the hearts of dancers and enthusiasts alike, embodying a tradition of excellence and passion for the art of dance.

organizer Mark NoceraThe organizer, Mark Nocera
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The schedule for the Eastern United States Dancesport Championships was a vibrant tapestry of diverse dance styles and competitions. Kicking off with Session 1 dedicated to the dynamic rhythms of Rhythm dances, the excitement continued into Session 2 with a Night Club & Country showcase featuring a playful Barbie theme. Smooth dancers took center stage in Session 3, followed by the grandeur of the Open Professional category in Session 4. Session 5 merged the elegance of Ballroom with the fiery flair of Latin dances. An international flavor infused Session 6, with the Open to the World Eastern United States International Amateur Team Match, bringing together top talent from around the globe. Session 7 celebrated the talent and dedication of youth, collegiate, and adult amateur dancers, ensuring that every age group had their moment to shine. Finally, Sunday daytime wrapped up the festivities with a culmination of passion, skill, and camaraderie, leaving participants and spectators alike with memories to cherish until the next exhilarating competition.

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This is the exact smile you wear when you own the dancefloor!

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This photo stands out as one of the highlights on the dance floor.7

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