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Go Wild Minneapolis Dancesport

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Go Wild Minneapolis celebrated its sixth year creating an electrifying homecoming-themed event filled with high-energy dance competitions.
Discover the details of one of the top ballroom dance competitions in the United States.

2024 Recap

On May 18, 2024, Go Wild Minneapolis celebrated its sixth year in Minneapolis, MN, with Michael Butler hosting for the first time. The event reimagined the excitement of homecoming, creating a particularly special atmosphere. Butler aimed to share his passion for the sport and ensure that all attendees felt like MVPs. The ballroom was alive with the spirit of a pep rally and game day, filled with high energy, enthusiastic cheering, and competitive dancing that captured the essence of the theme perfectly. 

organizer-1The organizer, Michael Butler

Go Wild Minneapolis hosted an exciting competition day filled with diverse dance events. The Saturday daytime session began at 7:30 AM with a series of INTERNATIONAL LATIN single dances, multi-dance challenges, and scholarships, including the Best of the Best Dance-offs. Following these were AMERICAN RHYTHM single dances, multi-dance challenges, and their respective scholarships. Solo exhibitions showcased top solo scholarship winners, who were invited to perform in the Solo Grand Challenge Scholarship. The session continued with INTERNATIONAL BALLROOM and AMERICAN SMOOTH single dances, multi-dance challenges, and scholarships. The daytime activities concluded with an à la carte dinner.

The excitement carried into the evening with the Homecoming Gala starting at 7:00 PM, featuring general dancing, the Solo Grand Challenge Scholarship, and more Best of the Best Dance-offs. The NIGHTCLUB segment included single dances, multi-dances, and scholarships, interspersed with general dancing. A highlight of the evening was the Full Bronze Cha Cha Challenge, where the crowd and judges voted for the Homecoming King and Queen. The event culminated in a Pro Show Spectacular, the announcement of top awards, and continued general dancing until 10:30 PM. The day concluded with a Student Appreciation Party for all adult competitors, celebrating a day of outstanding performances and camaraderie.

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Congratulations to the top studios at the 2024 Go Wild event: Soul Ballroom in first place for their outstanding performances, Dance & Entertainment in second for their remarkable talent, and Natalie Botes in third for her exceptional skill. These studios exemplified dance excellence and greatly contributed to the event's success.Top Studios

📸: https://shorturl.at/Fkn3o

There's something truly magical about dancing in a crowd, where every smile becomes more radiant.Performer

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If you missed this year's Go Wild Minneapolis Dancesport, be sure to mark your calendar for next year's thrilling event. Stay updated with the latest news and announcements by following them on Facebook and visiting their official website regularly. Prepare to experience the excitement firsthand!

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