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How to Dance Bolero

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It’s the best of both worlds - Bolero is a unique dance that combines aspects of the American Waltz and International Rumba. While these two dances sound completely different, they meld to create a dance with excellent flow. Think of Bolero as similar to Rumba, but with rise and fall!



The bolero is danced in a 4/4 time signature to music about the same tempo as International Rumba, about 96 bpm.

With a 2-1-1 beat value, this dance is typically counted using slows and quicks, where a slow represents two beats and a quick represents one beat.


Breakdown of Basic Step

Born out of both Rumba and Waltz, the Bolero incorporates aspects of foot rise and body rise into its characteristic, wavelike motion. Learn more about the Bolero action within our syllabus manuals here.


As a follower:
  1. Start with your weight on your left foot with your right foot free.
  2. Step side on the right foot with a sliding action.
  3. With rising action in the body, step forward and cross your left foot in front of your right.
  4. Step on the left and push back onto the right foot.
  5. Collect your left foot underneath your body and then step with a sliding action to the left.
  6. Collect your right foot and cross it behind as you step on it.
  7. Step forward with a sliding action onto the left foot.
  8. Begin again.
As a leader:
  1. Start with your weight on your right foot with your left foot free.
  2. Step side on the left foot with a sliding action
  3. With rising action in the body, cross your right foot behind the left as you take a step.
  4. Push forward onto the left foot.
  5. Collect the right foot underneath your body and step to the side with a sliding action.
  6. Collect your left foot and cross in front of the right with a small step.
  7. Step forward with the right foot with a sliding action.
  8. Begin again.

Try it from Home

Discover our 4 tips on how to learn to dance from home with Dance Vision.

Dance to the Music

We love Bolero so much, we made a whole playlist of Bolero music!
Check out our curated Spotify playlists created with dancers like you in mind. Take our playlists with you to the studio or use it to practice from home. Who knows, you just might find your new favorite song to jam to and get inspired by!
Now that you’re hooked on the Bolero, check out more steps on our website and App! Let’s dance!
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