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How to Dance West Coast Swing

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Born in California during the 1940s, the West Coast Swing evolved from Lindy Hop. It is known for being danced “in a slot”, meaning that it does not take up a lot of room on the dance floor. It is a smooth dance with no bounce, allowing for various syncopations and improvisations. One of the most fun aspects of West Coast Swing is that it can be danced to almost any style of music - rhythm and blues, country, pop, and even rock. Ready to learn how to dance West Coast Swing? 


The West Coast Swing is danced in a 4/4 timing, counted as 1,2, 3a4, 5a6. Another optional timing includes dancing the West Coast Swing as quick, quick, (1, 2), quick a quick, quick a quick (3a4, 5a6).

Breakdown of Basic Step

As a follower:
  1. Start with your weight on your left foot and your right foot free.
  2. Perform two walks forward on counts (right foot then left foot).
  3. Hooking your right foot slightly behind the left foot, perform a triple step. Right foot crosses slightly behind left as you step onto the ball of the foot, replace your weight forward to the left foot, then take a full step back with the right foot. 
  4. Perform another triple step in place this time, stepping left, right, left, almost like a march on the spot.
As a leader:
  1. Start with your weight on your right foot and your left foot free.
  2. Take two steps back on counts 1, 2 (left foot, then right foot).
  3. Perform a triple step now, closing your left foot to your right foot, step again on the right foot and then step forward with the left foot.
  4. Perform another triple step in place this time, stepping left, right, left, almost like a march on the spot.

Try it from Home

Discover our 4 tips on how to learn to dance from home with Dance Vision.

Dance to the Music

We love West Coast Swing so much, we made a whole playlist of West Coast Swing music!
Check out our curated Spotify playlists created with dancers like you in mind. Take our playlists with you to the studio or use it to practice from home. Who knows, you just might find your new favorite song to jam to and get inspired by!
Now that you’re hooked on the West Coast Swing, check out more steps on our website and App! Let’s dance!
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