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Maryland Dancesport

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Maryland Dancesport 2024 Sets the Stage for International Elegance in Baltimore! Explore this outstanding ballroom dance competition, celebrated as a zenith event in America's ballroom competitions.


2024 Recap

Maryland Dancesport, hosted in the vibrant city of Baltimore from February 1st to February 3rd, 2024, has become a distinguished staple in the world of competitive dance. Organized by the skilled Garry Gekhman, this prestigious event proudly participates in esteemed dance circuits such as the Global Dancesport Series, Dance Vision Circuit, World Pro-Am Dancesport Series, Best of the Best, and the Fordney Foundation. As participants from across the globe converged in the heart of Maryland, the competition showcased the epitome of skill, artistry, and sheer passion for dance, making it a memorable spectacle in the dance calendar.

Garry GekhmanThe organizer—Garry Gekhman
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No one could resist the excitement that washed over them when gazing at the breathtaking dancefloor. Alongside, rows of medals and trophies adorned the venue, sparking a competitive spirit among the participants who undoubtedly yearned for victory. However, the challenge lay in impressing the accomplished and discerning panel of adjudicators, adding an extra layer of pressure to the aspiring competitors.

Dancefloor and the adjudicators
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As the clock struck 7:30 PM, the vibrant atmosphere of the nightclub single dance events kicked off Session 1. Enthusiastic dancers showcased their talents, setting the stage for an evening filled with rhythm and energy. Moving into Session 2, the spotlight shifted to the international ballroom and American rhythm single and multi-dance events. The dance floor witnessed a seamless blend of styles, as competitors poured their passion into each performance. Session 3 elevated the intensity with American rhythm gold and open events, professional basics, and rising star events, creating a dynamic display of skill and artistry. Session 4 unfolded with precision, featuring PT, JR, and youth American smooth and international Latin events, captivating the audience with each graceful movement. The grand finale, Session 5, showcased the pinnacle of talent in amateur open ballroom events, Fordney scholarship events, professional cabaret events, and professional open events, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended the spectacular dance extravaganza.

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The dance figures, flawlessly captured during the event, are genuinely breathtaking.

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Prepare for the thrilling anticipation of Maryland Dancesport next year. Stay in the loop by following their Facebook updates and checking out their official website.

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