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Nashville Ballroom Bash

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Four years in, and Nashville Ballroom Bash never ceases to amaze! Their event this past October was truly exceptional. Join us for a closer look at one of the leading ballroom dance competitions in the USA.

2023 Recap

The 2023 Nashville Ballroom Bash, which took place on October 7 in the scenic locale of Franklin, Tennessee, was a magnificent display of both grace and elegance. Set against a backdrop of vibrant energy, dancers brought the floor to life with their dynamic performances. Under the expert guidance and visionary leadership of the talented duo, Brooke and Devan McClish, the event not only met but exceeded expectations. Their meticulous planning and dedication ensured that the Nashville Ballroom Bash 2023 stood out as an event of grandeur, truly a breathtaking spectacle in the world of dance.

NBB organizersThe organizers. 
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By 8AM, the dance floor was alive with the International Standard Pro/Am and Amateur Freestyle. This was closely followed by American Smooth Pro/Am and Amateur Freestyle, as well as Country Dance events and club style activities. As the clock struck noon, participants took a break for lunch, setting the stage for the next segment which included International Latin Pro/Am and Amateur Freestyle, the Grand Solo Challenge, and the American Rhythm Pro/Am and Amateur Freestyle. After a day filled with rhythmic footwork and mesmerizing performances, dinner was served at 7PM. The evening's highlight began at 8:30PM with the top 3 of the Grand Solo Challenge taking center stage, followed by the Awards Presentation. The audience was then treated to a captivating professional show by Shane and Shannon Jensen. The day wrapped up with General Dancing and an exuberant After Party.


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What a magnificent sight! Who wouldn't relish being in such an awe-inspiring location?


The photographs from the Nashville Ballroom Bash are truly breathtaking, showcasing moments that will leave you in awe. These images not only capture the incredible flexibility and agility of the dancers' bodies but also the essence and spirit of dance itself.

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As these photos attest, when it comes to passion, nothing can hold a dancer back from expressing their art. Truly, the drive to dance knows no bounds!

📸: https://nashvilleballroombash.shootproof.com/gallery/22622401/home

Here are the featured photos for each category: Standard, Smooth, Rhythm, Latin, Country, and Club.

📸: https://nashvilleballroombash.shootproof.com/gallery/22622401/home

Want to see more pictures? Visit this link to view the complete coverage.

Keep an eye out for updates about next year's Nashville Ballroom Bash - it's shaping up to be another unforgettable event! To ensure you're in the loop and don't miss out on any important announcements, make sure to follow them on Facebook and regularly check their official website.

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