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Nashville Starz Dance Spectacular

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A Dazzling Showcase of Talent and Passion at the Nashville Starz Dance Spectacular - Where Elegance, Rhythm, and Precision Take Center Stage in a Mesmerizing Dance Extravaganza!  Explore an insider's glimpse into one of the premier ballroom dance competitions in the United States.


2024 Recap

In the heart of Music City, Downtown Nashville, Tennessee, the enchanting rhythms of dance echoed through the 24th annual Nashville Starz Dance Spectacular. Held at the prestigious Sheraton Grand, this illustrious event unfolded from January 18 to 21, 2024. The masterminds behind this mesmerizing spectacle were none other than Andre and Natalie Paramonov, a dynamic duo boasting an impressive array of titles. Their expertise and passion for dance infused the Nashville Starz Dance Spectacular with a unique blend of elegance and excitement, making it an unforgettable experience for all who attended.

The organizers—Andre and Natalie Paramonov
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Over the weekend, a meticulously curated schedule of exceptional entertainment awaited participants, beginning on Thursday, January 18. The festivities kicked off with the dynamic Rhythm Pro-Am events setting the dance floor ablaze, seamlessly transitioning into the vibrant Welcome Party. Thursday night showcased the lively "Starz BBQ Spectacular," featuring Nightclub and Country Western events, a spirited Best Dressed "Anything Goes" contest, and energetic Jack and Jill fun. Participants donned their most fun, outrageous Country Western outfits, vying for exciting prizes and reveling in a night of dancing. The excitement continued with Days of Superb, showcasing Pro/Am and Eves of Pro-Superstars. A notable addition was the "Battle of the Showcases" Pro/Am event, taking the spotlight on Friday night. The weekend's zenith arrived with the Formal Gala evening on Saturday, featuring the Dancers Cup Tour and Top Awards Presentations. Attendees also had the privilege of participating in the Starz Master Camp, an invaluable experience where globally acclaimed professionals generously shared their expertise and dance secrets, ensuring a weekend brimming with unmatched enjoyment and educational opportunities.

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Take a look at these engaging photos that captured the joyous moments when dancers enjoy the fruits of their hard work, earning well-deserved accolades!

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These pictures highlights the exceptional talent displayed by the competitors at the Nashville Starz Dance Spectacular.

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