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Pearl Ball International ProAm Dance Tournament

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First Pearl Ball International ProAm Dance Tournament Debut!
Get an inside look at one of America's top-notch ballroom dance competitions.

2024 Recap

On March 23, 2024, the Pearl Ball International ProAm Dance Tournament unfolded in Abu Dhabi, UAE, captivating audiences with its grandeur. Organized by Artem Golega and Leonid Burlo, the event welcomed participants from 17 countries. As 68 couples took to the dance floor, their performances illuminated the venue with a total of 8957 smiles. The inaugural Pearl Ball International ProAm Dance Tournament was truly an extraordinary occasion, elevated by the gracious participation of each individual.Leonid BurloArtem Golega

The organizers—Artem Golega and Leonid Burlo


On the 22nd of March 2024, participants and enthusiasts alike kicked off the festivities with a lively Welcome Party, setting the stage for the excitement to come. The following day, on the 23rd of March, the main event unfolded with Competition Day and Gala Dinner. Dancers showcased their skills across various categories including Ballroom, Latin, Smooth, and Rhythm, alongside the vibrant flair of Caribbean Mix and the sultry elegance of Argentine Tango. The day reached its pinnacle with the prestigious Dance Vision World Cup ProAm Showcase Championship and the intense competition of the Dance Vision Professional American Smooth Championship. As the competition drew to a close, anticipation mounted for the Training Camp scheduled for the 24th of March. Attendees had the opportunity to partake in enriching lectures and private classes led by top judges and adjudicators, promising valuable insights and skills to enhance their dance journey.

📸: https://linkmix.co/22310883

Behold the electrifying atmosphere of the Pearl Ball International ProAm Dance Tournament dance floor, where talents from across the globe converged to dazzle the audience with their skills and artistry. Each dancer showcased their unique style and prowess, leaving spectators in awe of their performances. Wow indeed!

Dancefloor📸: https://shorturl.at/cqBN3



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