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Prestige DanceSport Competition Shines in Atlanta with Three-Day Event Organized by the Esteemed Paramonovs
Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of one of the top ballroom dance competitions in the United States.

2024 Recap

The Prestige DanceSport competition, which took place in Atlanta, GA, from June 6-9, 2024, was organized by the esteemed Andre and Natalie Paramonov. Prestige DanceSport set new standards for ballroom dance competitions with its meticulous attention to detail, exceptional service to its clients, and an all-around warm and friendly atmosphere. As participants and spectators were invited to join this unique and glamorous affair, the event promised and delivered an unforgettable celebration of dance, passion, and the joy that comes from expressing oneself through the art of dance.

organizers-1The organizer, Andre and Natalie Paramonov

The competition unfolded over a thrilling weekend, starting with Friday afternoon's Session 1, which featured Pro/Am Single and Multi Dances in both Ballroom and Rhythm styles, along with Pro/Am Scholarships and captivating solos. Teddy Bear, Pre-Teen, Junior, and Senior dancers showcased their talents in Ballroom and Rhythm. The excitement continued with Pro/Am Rhythm Scholarships and 6&9 Dance Events. Friday evening's Session 2 brought a BBQ Spectacular, highlighting Pro/Am Scholarships for Silver and above in Rhythm, and a Motown-themed night with Pro/Am Single and Multi Dances in Night Club and Country Western styles, culminating in impressive Cabaret/Showdance performances. Saturday afternoon's Session 3 focused on Latin and Smooth styles, with Pro/Am Single and Multi Dances, Scholarships, and solos, featuring dancers of all ages. The grand finale, Session 4 on Saturday evening, included Pro/Am Smooth Scholarships, performances by Amateur and Senior dancers in Latin and Smooth, an awards presentation, and Open Professional Events, concluding with an After Party Celebration that brought the exhilarating weekend of dance to a joyous close.

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These are the remarkable adjudicators who brought excitement and thrill to the competition.5-Jun-15-2024-04-21-52-8112-AM
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The organizers are overwhelmed with gratitude. Two years of meticulous planning have culminated in a truly unforgettable event. The outpouring of support and enthusiasm from this cherished dance community has been nothing short of inspiring. Their presence and passion transformed this event into something magical.

The organizers extend heartfelt thanks for bringing opulence and elegance to the dance floor, elevating the experience beyond expectations. 



If you missed this year's Prestige Dancesport, start preparing for next year's excitement now. Stay updated with the latest news and announcements by following them on Facebook and regularly checking their official website.

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