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What is a Solo Star in Ballroom Dance?

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The world of ballroom dance is readily expanding. Newer competitive categories, such as same-sex, mixed proficiency, and increased solo opportunities are readily appearing as the Dancesport community works to create places for all dancers under the umbrella of ballroom dance.

You may have seen Instagram Reels, Tik-Toks, or YouTube videos full of enthusiastic, young ballroom dancers on the dance floor, having a blast and dancing their hearts out - but something is different! These little ones aren’t dancing with a partner, they’re dancing by themselves.


A new category of competitive ballroom dance, called “solo stars”, allows pre-teen, junior, and youth competitors to dance syllabus routines without a dance partner. Organizers and instructors have realized that many students either start their dance journey without a partner or end up in-between partners at some point.

Excited to create more chances to dance for these dancers, the solo star category was born. Dancers can enter events against other students of their age and level, just like other youth Dancesport events. Likewise, events are judged by a full panel, and dancers advance rounds, eventually making it to a six-dancer final.

The solo star category is a phenomenal opportunity for ballroom dance to broaden its doors to any dancer who wants to become part of this community. Teachers agree that allowing youth to build skills and technique on their own will only contribute towards a better partnership if dancers choose to take on a ballroom dance partner at some point in their dance journey.

So next time you’re watching a ballroom competition, check out the solo stars - these kids are energetic, enthusiastic, and stand on their own. Maybe they’ll even inspire you to fearlessly practice and dance on your own!

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