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What’s Your Why As a Dancer?

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The 5 W’s and an H

You might have used this strategy when planning an event or setting a goal - who, what, when, where, why and how. Today, let’s explore why.

In dance, the other W’s are usually pretty easy to clarify, but defining and understanding our why can be a challenging process.

Clarify Your Mission Statement

Central to many businesses, large corporations, and successful individuals, across any industry, is the concept of a mission statement. A mission statement defines your goal, passion, and clarifies what you are pursuing in a certain aspect of your life. Mission statements can be created for certain aspects of our lives, like dance or work, or for our lives as a whole, almost like a motto we seek to live by.




When writing a mission statement, keep in mind that it will always be a work in progress. Write down some of your key values and play around with some statements that sound and feel like "you". When you have a statement that you feel confident in, write it out and return to it whenever you feel stuck or burnt out.

Because mission statements have become so popular in the last few years, there are many resources you can discover to build one for yourself. Check out some of our favorites here:

Align Your Why with Your Goals

So you’ve defined a mission statement for your life, for dance, or both - congratulations! This is an accomplishment to be proud of. A defined mission statement allows you to consistently return to your reason for pursuing your passion. On days when dance feels heavy, difficult, or frustrating, your why and mission statement is a form of guidance you can rely on.


When setting goals in dance, our why can help us align our individual mission with what we seek to achieve. For example, if your personal mission statement involves sharing your passion for dance with others, maybe you set goals to compete and perform. If your mission statement involves self-exploration and improvement, perhaps you seek to achieve a student medals exam, or get certified as a Dance Vision Instructor.

Why’s Can Change

Understand that why’s and mission statements are a fluid concept, meaning they can shift and change over time. Just like our needs, goals, and passions change, our purpose will flex to suit us best on our journey of growth. If you feel as though your mission statement is no longer aligning with the path that you are on in dance or otherwise, you may choose to rewrite it, brainstorm with close friends or mentors, or review your goals to see if your mission still is in alignment.

At Dance Vision, we are very proud of our WHY: bringing ballroom dance to the world, and helping you become limitless in your dance journey.

We can’t wait to see how you grow after exploring your own WHY in dance!


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